What Clients Say

Here is what a few of our clients had to say about their experience planning their estate with us.

“We were very pleased with the ease of the process. At the initial consultation our options for estate planning were very clearly and concisely presented.

As we completed our trust documents, everything was very organized and efficient. Everyone in the firm was very professional, prompt, and accommodating of our schedule and circumstances. We are also thrilled with the quality of the finished trust document and accompanying materials.”

– John and Kendra B.

“I thought your approach and all that you have done was and is fantastic!”

– Michael and Christina R.

“The honesty and friendliness of dealing with you, Natalia, it was like working with a friend.”

– Maria R.

“Everyone was friendly, professional, and treated us with respect. We weren’t just a client, but a friend you truly wanted to help.”

– Curtis and Diane W.

“Natalia knows and understands how to treat her clients with their needs in mind. I trust Natalia to handle all my estate planning and will tell my friends the same.”

– Ann H.

“Jeff Kabbe is a lawyer you should hire if you can.  Jeff loves his profession and it shows in the effort, and results.  Jeff is very detail oriented, and will research every angle of a solution. I could not be any happier with the work Jeff has done for us.”

– Dave C.

“I knew estate planning was important, but I could not articulate what it meant or why it should be done until after my first visit. Our plan is sound, and I feel like a good husband and father for having done it.”

– Chuck and Gerolyn B.

“Everything was very ‘first class’. It was obvious that Natalia had developed a method of organizing my legal information that would make it very easy for me to use.”

– Phyllis B.

“Didn’t realize we’d get to know our lawyer so well and she us. It feels as though we’ve trusted a friend with our lives.”

– Jim and Sue S.