About Our Team

Natalia Kabbe

Attorney, Founding Partner

“When I first started the firm, I had a clear picture of what the focus should be: relationships rather than transactions.  Your life doesn’t stop when you leave our office. And that means your estate plan can’t stop either.

When I say that we value a relationship with our clients, it is more than just a label. We take great pride in our efforts to keep a line of communication open—so you can tell us about changes in your life that could affect your plan, and we can tell you about recent changes in the law.”

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Jeffrey Kabbe

Attorney, Partner

Jeff joined us after several years at one of the top firms in Chicago, enabling us to serve more people in more ways. If you meet with Jeff to discuss helping a parent with Alzheimer’s or protecting your children, you would never know that he started life as a litigation and business attorney. Jeff has a tremendous heart and is incredibly knowledgeable in everything that we do.

Mari Berlin


Mari works with clients in all of our practice areas: estate planning, probate, trust administration, guardianship of disabled adults, guardianship of minor children, Medicaid qualification, and VA benefits qualification.

Nina Neuber


Nina assists our clients with their probate, guardianship, and contested estate matters.

Margaret Maione

Client Relationship Manager

Margaret is usually the first person you will talk to when you call and the last person to thank you for coming when you visit. Simply put, Margaret is responsible for making sure our clients have an amazing experience working with our firm.

Paulina Chavis

Asset Integration Manager

Paulina assists with integrating our clients’ assets into their trusts, an important step in the process of completing a trust-based estate plan.

Alefiya is our estate planning paralegal. She works with the attorneys and the rest of the team to make sure that each estate plan is complete and ready for the client.

Stephanie Fleming

Legal Assistant

Stephanie is one of our estate planning legal assistants. She works with the rest of the team to ensure that each of our estate plans is on track for a successful, timely completion.

Valentina Gataoulina

Office Manager

Simply put, Valentina makes the office tick. She works efficiently behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Valentina’s primary goal is for you to have what you need, before you need it.