Applying for Medicaid

Medicaid can be a tremendous help to anyone struggling with the crushing burden of nursing home or long-term care expenses and obligations.  We help seniors and their families protect their hard-earned money and cut nursing home costs by applying for Medicaid.

Getting Medicaid long-term care benefits is essentially a three step process.

First, make sure you qualify for Medicaid benefits.  Medicaid is only for people with limited income and few resources. To keep everyone else out, the government built a really big wall around it.  You can only get inside and receive benefits if you meet the requirements in the Department of Human Services Policy Manual.

Second, protect whatever you can.  The Medicaid requirements are really strict.  Sometimes even shockingly so.  But we can help you qualify for Medicaid, often while protecting your assets legally and honestly.

Third, prepare and submit an application for Medicaid benefits.  The application process is quite rigorous.  It often requires a mountain of paperwork because applicants have to go through an extensive audit into three years of their finances.

It’s also important to identify the exact date that you should apply for Medicaid benefits.  Getting it wrong can be costly.

  • Apply too soon and you may have to spend almost all of your life savings on nursing home costs before you become eligible for Medicaid benefits (called a “spend down”)
  • Apply too late and you will have spent thousands of dollars on nursing home expenses which could have been covered by Medicaid

But applying for Medicaid isn’t just about sitting around and waiting for the right date.  Medicaid planning strategies can help you qualify for benefits months—or even years—sooner.